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The Value of Jam Basketball Intelligence

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“Patrick does an incredible job of incorporating stats and basketball to produce breakdowns. He was an integral part of our Elite 8 run. The reports Patrick provides are such a valuable piece for us going into games.”

Eric Musselman - Arkansas


"Patrick did a phenomenal job combining basketball knowledge with analytics. I valued and utilized every report preparing for every game. He makes it easy to take the information and implement it within your game plan.”

Porter Moser - Oklahoma


"Patrick is simply the BEST at what he does. He's helped our program become one of the most efficient teams in the country on both sides of the floor. His reports are extremely valuable and incredibly detailed."

Drew Valentine - Loyola Chicago


"Patrick has a unique ability of translating data into an easy to understand narrative for our players and staff. His work allows us to have a more in-depth attack than we would otherwise have going into each game. Utilizing his service has been like adding an analytics expert to our staff."

Ron Cottrell - Houston Baptist

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"Patrick is a rising star in the world of basketball analytics. He provides useful information that translates to important decisions in the scouting process and during the game."

Bryan Mullins - Southern Illinois


"Patrick's work is very impressive. He's a valuable asset whose future is now! When a team is looking for edges through numbers and information, he provides that and WINS!"

Don Cooper - Chicago White Sox

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Jam Basketball Intelligence prides itself on helping programs out-prepare and outperform their opposition with a proven, data-driven approach to scouting, strategy, player development, scheduling and recruiting. Over the course of the last eight seasons, teams under the JBI banner have won 69% of their games while collecting a handful of conference and national championships. We serve both men and women through all levels from Division I, II & III.

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Consulting Services


Scouting Reports

Professional level scouting reports that properly blend analytics with high-level basketball strategy. Everything that your staff needs to know about the upcoming opponent from a numbers/tendency/coverage perspective is summarized and highlighted within the reports.

Circuit & Portal Analytics

Track prospective players and have a data-backed plan of attack for recruiting athletes. We manage a database of statistics and projections for every player within major AAU circuits, on Division I, II, III rosters and across JUCO, making it easier to recruit the right players for your team.


Shot Quality & Lineup Analysis

Breaking down shot quality provides deeper analysis of team and individual performances with ability to derive meaningful insights for development. Additionally, the ability to analyze full lineups, individuals, pairs and trios at a much deeper level than their +/- allows for a greater understanding of what different combinations do to your rebounding, pace of play, three-point rate, defense, etc.

Self-Scouts & Player Development

Thorough and objective analysis of your personnel, play style, lineup combinations and shot selection is summarized with digestible commentary and action plans for coaches in our self-scouts. Our player development reports clearly identify player strengths and areas to work on with an optimistic and forward looking view of their potential.


Smart Scheduling

We forecast the season so you can use non-conference play to bolster your tournament resume while competing against teams whose play styles and personnel will prepare you for the conference season.

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